Kujdes: Kjo faqe s’është përkthyer ende. Ajo që po shihni më poshtë, është faqja në versionin origjinal. Ju lutemi, përdorni këtë faqe që të shihni se si mund të ndihmoni te përkthimet dhe anë të tjera.

Free Software Foundation Europe

Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology.

Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software. These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of press and privacy. Learn more...

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SFP#7 Artificial intelligence as Free Software with Vincent Lequertier

25 September 2020

For the seventh episode of our Software Freedom Podcast we talk with Vincent Lequertier about transparency, fairness, and accessibility as crucial criteria for artificial intelligence (AI) and why it is important for our society to release AI software under a Free Software license.  

"A place for public code" +++ FSFE support +++ Job vacancy

23 September 2020

Read in our September newsletter about a new strong alliance formed by administrations, business and civil society organisations asking for "A place for public code". Also read about our call to apply for FSFE support for your local project, our job vacancy, and about our other diverse community activities. 

Collaborative Free Software Platform for Administrations - Group presents concept

10 September 2020

The increased use of Free Software is a central component for more digital sovereignty. Together with a strong alliance of administrations, politics, business and civil society, we call for the development of a code repository with Free Software for the public sector. 

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Fushata "Para publike - Kod Publik", si dhe "Nisma REUSE" më bënë të vë re se FSFE-ja është ent që përkrah të njëjtat ideale që përkrah dhe unë. Dua t’i ndihmoj të arrijnë më tepër, ndaj tani jam një përkrahës krenar i FSFE-së.

Greg Kroah-Hartman (Programues Kernel-i Linux)

I hope that more and more people will understand the importance of being ethical in their digital life and thus consciously use Free Software and that we will have more and more volunteers from all over Europe.

Amandine “Cryptie” (Privacy Specialist)

I support the FSFE because it's totally worth it. Its community is strong and very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, so contributing to its mission is a good way to help the Free Software movement.

Vincent Lequertier (PhD candidate Artificial Intelligence)

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27 September 2020

SFK2020 - Public Money, Public Code in Prishtina, online

16 October 2020

Global problems need global solutions!, online, Deutschland

17 – 18 October 2020

Talk on 'Public Money? Public Code!' at the online-event Open Web Lounge / CMS Unconference

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